Trailer: Red Tails


Man, dog fight movies are awesome.

The last trailer for Red Tails definitely piqued my interest, but its focus on the film’s dramatic side left me wondering how well they were going to tackle one of film’s greatest traditions: the dog fight. This second trailer answers that question perfectly, opening slow and the driving up your heart beat with some badass-looking aerial action. Seriously, this is one really well cut trailer.

Along with this new trailer we get a peek at a new poster for the film. I love the painted look they took with it and the font for “Red Tails” is especially cool.

Lucas has had this project in the works for two decades and from the trailers and buzz, it seems to actually be paying off. Hopefully director Anthony Hemingway knows what he’s doing with all this action. A truly good WWII film focusing on dog fights is hard to come by.

P.S. Who ever thought they’d see Cuba Gooding Jr. get top billing an a big budget film again?

[via MTV]

Matthew Razak
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