Trailer remix video: What if Wes Anderson directed Robert Eggers’ The Witch?


Robert Eggers’ The Witch (or The VVitch, as the cool kids write it) is one of my favorite movies of 2016. It’s a bleak, despairing period film, and it slowly unnerved me through its accretion of dread. I still think about the way the film ends and the different interpretations of those images. I can’t wait to see what Eggers does with his next project.

This parody trailer for The Witch that reimagines the movie as a Wes Anderson family comedy is the exact tonal opposite of everything the actual film is. Or, to put it another way…

We all know Wes Anderson didn’t direct The VVitch, but what this parody trailer presupposes is… maybe he did

Check out Wes Anderson’s The VVitch below.

The Witch as a Wes Anderson Movie - Trailer Mix

In many cases “in the style of Wes Anderson” parodies are lazy and not very good, but this is a solid take on the form, and just a good parody trailer in general. It takes the drab grayness of the original film and ups the saturation of every shot, giving the world of The VVitch the welcoming warmth of Moonrise Kingdom or The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Could have maybe used some nostalgic 60s pop tune, but pobody’s nerfect.

[via Cinefix on YouTube]
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