Trailer: Restitution


There are movies that come along every so often that shake the very foundation of every film convention you hold dear and force you to think in a new way. These movies usually push the envelope in terms of how the film is shot or by utilizing bold editing techniques. Sometimes the performances are just a step above anything you’ve seen or the direction is so clear and concise that you are overcome with emotion. The music might encapsulate the exact emotional overtones of the film or the sound design could be compared to that of a ballet, so full of form and color.

Then there are films like Restitution. As soon as you see Tom Arnold’s name and that overstated spy-themed viewing scope used on the soon-to-be DVD box art, you know exactly what you’re in for. The trailer hits you over the head with how edgy and thriller-like it is. Let’s run through the checklist of tropes used here: Painfully unbelievable lead supposed to be a badass? Check. Unnecessary spy-themed graphics used throughout? Check. Overly dramatic acting and dialogue? Check. Hackneyed script derivative of every spy thriller you’ve ever seen? Check.

Restitution might just be the gem of the year, and by that I mean the forbidden treasure from Aladdin that Abu steals in the Cave of Wonders. Work that metaphor out yourselves.

[Via Apple Trailers]