Trailer: Rise of the Guardians


We’ve already had one trailer for Dreamworks upcoming animated film Rise of the Guardians, which showed us not only how gorgeous their animation is, but also that Santa is a hulking Russian gangster. The funny thing is that that trailer completely left of Jack Frost, who, judging form this trailer, is the main character of the entire film. Definitely a strange tactic, but in all honesty I was looking forward to the film more when I didn’t know there was a teenage Jack Frost ice skating around in it.

Still, an Aussie Easter Bunny voiced by Hugh Jackman and Sandman animation that looks better than almost anything I’ve seen in a while have me truly excited for this rather unique take on fantastical childhood creatures. Here’s hoping that Dreamworks continues its streak of quality animated films when the film lands November 21.

[via Apple]

Matthew Razak
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