Trailer: Rock of Ages


I love musicals, and I could only make it to intermission during the stage production Rock of Ages. The plot had the same sort of complexity you’d expect from a high school production, the acting was atrocious, and the music was simply covers and uninspired medeys of 80s hair rock. The first trailer for the movie adaptation was not inspiring a lot of confidence, and this new trailer only made it worse.

Seriously, could they have shoved any more sound clips in there? Whoever cut this trailer must have thought, “Everyone has a favorite 80s song. But which one to choose? I know: all of them.” Given that the story is the weak point, revealing all of it isn’t exactly a smart move. Even the massively star-studded cast can’t really draw a crowd here. I’m certain this movie will appeal to some fans of Glee, as well as to overly-nostalgic audiences, but I still don’t see it doing too well.

[Via /Film]