Trailer: Rosa


Look, it’s a hot robot, zombie-looking chick! Jesus Orellana is the comic artist behind this short, entitled ROSA, and it is literally a one-man show here as he’s created this entire thing by himself. So far, ROSA has played at the Sitges Film Festival, Screamfest, Los Angeles Shorts Fest and SIFF, but you only have to wait until November of this year to see it for free online. Visit their official site or Facebook.

Having exhausted my favorable opinions toward Steampunk two weeks ago on the trailer for Thelomeris, I felt it only appropriate to share my feelings on Cyberpunk this week. I’ve always been a fan of futuristic, utopian societies in film (The Fifth Element, Minority Report, I, Robot, etc.), but this film gives off more of a post-apocalyptic tone as it’s rife with bronzed colors and an endless barrage of particles to ensure maximum grittiness. The main draw is that there are technically advanced robots duking it out, which means that if you threw in some gears and some mechanical inner workings to these things, you’d have a pretty awesome-looking Steampunk short. As is, it looks like a sexier, more-badass version of 9.

The synopsis of ROSA goes something like this: It’s long after mankind has “disappeared,” while there are only metropolises left and particles flowing in the air to give you that “no hope” vibe. Suddenly, a robot awakens named ROSA (doesn’t look Hispanic to me) that was part of the KERNEL project. She seems over-sexualized for a robot that’s sole purpose is to simply look for extinct plants in order to restore the Earth’s ecosystem… but then, oh no, another robot awakens and it’s another part of the KERNEL project… and there’s gunplay. I’m not really sure why robots are fighting when they should be looking for friggin’ plants, though.

[Via FirstShowing]