Trailer: Rush


Rush, Ron Howard’s newest directorial work, is about a Formula One racing rivalry in the 1970s between Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and James Brunt (Chris Hemsworth). This is the U.K. version of the trailer (with the domestic one to release some time later today, so keep an eye on this post!), and I’m pretty intrigued. I’ve never been one for sports flicks, but with Ron Howard behind the wheel, this could be pretty good. 

The premise is unique, Rush certainly looks like the 70s, and the more Hemsworth I have in my life, the better. Also Olivia Wilde is there too, if that’s a name that attracts things anymore. If you want more sexy car on car action, check out the pics in the gallery too. Rush races into theaters (I’m sorry) September 20th. 

[via MSN]