Trailer: Sadako 3D (Ringu 3D)


Heyyy, look, it’s a Ringu sequel following suit with the latest trend in putting D at the end of the 3rd in the series’ title. To be honest, it’s getting kind of old and not really all that clever anymore. Also, they must have messed up, because they’re calling it Sadako 3D for reasons that are not readily apparent to me. My buddy, Hiroko, over at Japanator has similar nomenclature concerns.

That being said, it’s interesting how it feels like forever since the 2nd movie (the American one, anyway), and yet we’re getting a sequel now. Going by the trailer, it seems like the curse has spread to a school this time, harkening back to all those crappy classic teen serial killer movies from the 90’s. I guess once you run out of ideas, the old standbys are there to draw inspiration from. Sadako 3D is set to come out this year, so an American remake shouldn’t be too far behind.

[Via YouTube]