Trailer: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen looks like a cutesy, British rom-com with a few twists. The movie is based on a novel of the same name by author Paul Torday. The story follows a “fisheries expert” played by Ewan McGregor who is approached by a consultant  – played by Emily Blunt – to a wealthy Middle Eastern sheik about a project to introduce salmon into bodies of water in “the Yemen,” the reasons for which are not really explained in the trailer, which is fine with me.

Because I’m hoping that the reason to introduce salmon to “the Yemen” is something cool like bringing food supplies and jobs to an impoverished community rather than just because Sheik Dude wants to do fly-fishing and lolromance. The fact that the trailer might not be blowing the whole story right away is what is making me give this movie a chance – we’ll see if it ends up being worth it. Also, it’s so annoying that they keep saying “the Yemen.” Silly Brits.

[via First Showing]