Trailer: Savages


Oliver Stone looks set to let slip the dogs of war yet again in Savages. This looks like it could be a return to the quasi-sleazy, over the top Stone I fell in love with during Natural Born Killers and Al Pacino Screams At Football Players. There’s definitely some serious actor transformations going on display here. We’ve got Aaron Johnson decked out in dreads and looking nothing like Kick Ass, Taylor Kitsch looks barely even human, and Blake Lively appears non-nude, so most of the world won’t terribly care. Kitsch and Johnson have to save Lively from a Mexican drug cartel who captures her after the two pot kingpins refuse to work with them. Those Mexican cartels are really killers to the core. I wonder if they even bleed. 

I will say, though, that this doesn’t look like Oliver Stone’s most beautiful movie. Usually, his cinematography pains with all the colors of the wind. This looks to do the job as a gritty, over the top action thriller, but I suppose, since this is just a trailer, you can’t really know what’s around the cinematic riverbend. It certainly doesn’t look like they’ll need to dig and dig and diggity dig for some awesome action here.

Most importantly, with a subject as tailor-made for action as this, one must ask this of Oliver Stone: is he doing this for glory, God and gold and the Virginia Company?

[MTV, via /Film]