Trailer: Sex Tape (Red Band)

SEX TAPE MOVIE - Official Red Band Trailer (HD)

You know, being one of the youngest guys at my office (at a whopping 27), I encounter a lot of technical questions. I understand ‘computer stuff’ better than a lot of my older coworkers (many of whom still use Internet Explorer). I’m often asked to help them with problems I find simple, and I do my best not to condescend. There’s a generation gap, I get it. They grew up in a world without Google Glass, Flappy Bird, or polio vaccines.

That being said, all this talk of ‘the cloud’ in the new red band trailer for Sex Tape reminded me of many of the conversations I have with the people in my office. The movie is about a couple who try and reignite their sex life by making the eponymous sex tape with their iPad™, which the doofy Jason Segal character doesn’t delete like Cameron Diaz tells him to. Naturally, it gets uploaded to The Cloud™ and everybody they bought iPads™ for for Christmas™ (even the mailman, LOL™) ends up with their sex tape. Because of plot reasons, they somehow think they can put that sex genie back in the bottle, and do whatever they can to reach those ends.

Sex Tape looks pretty okay, I guess. It’s just hard to get excited about a movie where the characters think that they can erase all traces of something once it goes out into the World Wide Web™. It doesn’t work like that. They probably still buy non-rechargeable batteries. Maybe if this movie came out fifteen years ago, it would be more believable.

What do you guys think?