Trailer: Silent Hill: Revelation


I don’t remember much about the last Silent Hill for a variety of reasons relating to it not being very good and it not being very scary. Despite a wealth of truly horrific imagery to base the film off of the movie ended up being pretty bland on the whole. Nothing like a second chance to make the same mistakes, right? Here we’ve got the trailer for Silent Hill: Revelation and it doesn’t look like much has changed.

OK, I’ll take my bitter hat off for a second and pretend to be optimistic about this Halloween release. It does look like they’ve focused on just the lead so maybe the sense of isolation and terror one gets from the games will be present in the film. The visual also seem to capture the game a bit better than the first, but there also seems to be some pretty shoddy CGI going on in there. Damn, sorry. I tried to stay positive the entire paragraph, but just couldn’t. Guess I’ll just go back to making glasses half empty.

Matthew Razak
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