Trailer: Silver Lining Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook - Official Trailer (HD)

I was all set to gush about Daivd O. Russell and how much I love his films and how great the trailer for his newest film, Silver Lining Playbook, looks. I was set to be wowed by the fantastic cast and to point out that Russell returned to screenwriting for this when adapting the Mathew Quick novel. I was even set to re-confess my undying man-love for Bradley Cooper.

Then the trailer went and christuckered me. I got christuckered, damn it! Now all I can do is talk about Chris Tucker for this post. Where the hell did he come from and what is he doing in this movie? I thought he had signed a contract with the world that he wouldn’t be in any movies that didn’t have the words rush and hour in them. Yet, here he is, with prominent billing. Maybe he thought Robert DeNiro was Jackie Chan. They’re both getting kind of old and wrinkled, right?

That Chris Tucker, always christuckering all over the place.

Matthew Razak
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