Trailer: Sinister


Allistair liked Sinister a lot when he saw it at SXSW earlier this year, and now we’ve got the first official trailer for the film’s upcoming October 5th release. I’m really digging what’s on display here. It’s got a very strong Insidious vibe, which is a great thing as that was one of my favorite horror movies of the past few years. Also, Ethan Hawke’s character is clearly a Bennington College grad, just like me, Jenika, and Peter Dinklage. I don’t know if that means Bennington grads are dumb enough to meddle with obviously-terrible supernatural forces, or if it’s just a shirt they happened to find for him to wear on the day of the shoot. 

Oh right, horror movies. Yes, this looks like a good one. I will see it with my eyeballs in October, and if you enjoy horror, it’s probably going to be leagues better than Paranormal Activity 4 or Silent Hill Revelations, so you should see it too.