Trailer: Skyfall


What? Back to back Skyfall trailers? Well, in all honesty the TV trailer from yesterday was more like a teaser to today’s main dish: a big serving of Bond action and Javier Bardem villainy. The trailer also reveals a bit more about the plot, which has Bond dying, but not really (a throw back to You Only Live Twice). There’s plenty of action and gorgeous women to be had too of course, and it appears the new Q will be taking on a bit of screen time.

The most important thing, however, is finally getting a good look at Bardem as Bond’s nemesis Silva (the Facebook page released the still below today as well). I don’t think anyone was going to question Bardem’s ability to play a good villain, but man does he seem menacing. That interrogation scene may already be going into my book of best Bond/villain conversations and I haven’t even seen the whole thing.

I guess all I have to do now is kill Xander, take over his life for the month of October so I can be in the UK and see the film early. That or wait the extra time for the U.S. release. I think we all know which the right decision is here.

Matthew Razak
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