Trailer: Snitch


Snitch looks totally boss. It’s got Dwayne “The People’s Champion” Johnson, Micheal K. “I’m Playing ODB In the Future” Williams, Benjamin “I Was On Law and Order Before It Was Canceled, So Now I Have a Beard” Bratt, Jon “I Went Crazy in a Zombie Show” Bernthal, and Susan “Everything I Touch Turns to Gold” Sarandon. All of these great people are in what looks like a B-Movie. And that is just the bees knees. 

The Rock plays a guy who has to work with “the Feds” to arrest a drug kingpin (Bratt) in order to save his innocent son from going to prison. Which means he has to go undercover long enough to get details on the cartel before they figure out their newly recruited musclebound giant is one of the good guys. Remember Walking Tall? That was badass Grade B material, so I hope I get the same here. Any more than that would be amazing as well.

Also, this whole thing is based on a true story. How bout that. 

[via Yahoo]