Trailer: Snow White and the Huntsman


This year’s two competing Snow White projects have spun off in totally different directions, but where Tarsem Singh’s Mirror Mirror is looking an absolute trainwreck, Snow White And The Huntsman appears increasingly promising. It’s fashionable to hate on Kristen Stewart, but despite her dead-eyed Twilight appearances, she can be a perfectly engaging actress when given worthwhile material. It’s a small worry we’ve yet to hear her say a word in any of the Huntsman trailers, but so far the movie’s visual flair is rightfully taking centre stage.

This brief Japanese trailer shows off a vivid and exciting vision for the fairy tale, which appears well-suited to an action-heavy approach. It seems to be an original interpretation, skewing away from the Grimm version previously thought to be the template. Whether the movie can coherently tie its many threads together remains to be seen, but if all goes to plan, it could be an enjoyable fantasy hors d’oeuvre ahead of the Hobbit main course in December. Plus, the voice-over at the end of the trailer says ‘Snow White-o!’ What’s not to love about that?! Snow White-o!

[via /Film-o]