Trailer: Stake Land


Reading the synopsis of Stake Land, I’m kinda stoked for it. It’s basically a post-apocalyptic vampire road movie, except the apocalypse wasn’t caused by vampired, but rather our continuing economic decline. That’s a real kick in the nuts while you’re down, isn’t it? One moment, you’re depressed because your country’s gone to hell, and the next? Vampires. Stake Land looks like it could have that low budget charm that I love so much in my horror. It worked like a charm for Dog Soldiers, and it could work here too. Also, it looks like a complete 180 from the popular, Twilight-style vampires to my favorite kind: the kind that will destroy you. Well, second favorite, next to Anne Rice’s top dandy fop, Lestat.

Stake Land released in the US on April 22nd and in the UK on June 17th.

[Via Pajiba]