Trailer: Stand Up Guys


Is a trailer allowed to be this interesting? I’m not sure what it is about Stand Up Guys that is so compelling to me, but I can’t help but look away. Maybe it’s the idea of three crusty looking old guys sauntering about half awake, maybe it’s the fact the SUG realizes this and creates an interesting premise around that fact (one con man, Al Pacino, is released from prison and is trying to live out his final days while his friend and old partner, Christopher Walken, is assigned to kill him by the end of the night), or maybe it’s the fact that Al Pacino gets to play a badass instead of a fallen football coach. 

Either way, Stand Up Guys looks just fantastic. I’m one of those people who loves watching old guys do not old guy things, or just bein’ ornery. Especially when you mix old guys and technology. Man that gets me rolling. And I’m always a sucker for the cheesy “forgive me father, for I have sinned” bit. Stand Up Guys releases sometime next year.