Trailer: Sufferrosa


Watch the above trailer, and ask yourself if you really think it is what it claims to be. Sufferrosa, made by Dawid Marcinkowski (who appears to have no other projects under his belt), purports to be an interactive movie. That is a lie. It is not an interactive movie. It is a video game. If you have ever played a game like (the fantastic) Hotel Dusk: Room 215, what you just saw should be entirely familiar to you, because it is a filmed version of that. This so-called “movie” will be appearing in two forms when it is released. First will be the web-based movie that you can play yourself, allowing you to have your own experience. There will also be live versions of it, all of which will be edited on the fly by Marcinkowski himself. Each playthroughviewing is expected to last about 40 minutes, and, due to its multiple endings, it may be worth experiencing multiple times.

This is an interesting concept to be sure, but let’s be clear: Sufferrosa is not a film. Instead, it is a modern version of those old live action Sega CD games. Despite that, it looks like it has promise, and I’m sure I’ll playwatchplay through it at least once. To see more, hit up the official website.