Trailer: Super 8 (MTV Movie Awards)


The MTV Movie Awards aired last night, and like any self respecting man who values his sanity, I skipped it. While everyone was fawning over the new Twilight trailer and watching Ryan Gosling and Taylor Lautner face hump each other while holding their awards (that’s a thing that happened last night, right?), I was too busy fiddling around with my free copy of inFAMOUS like every other PSN user. Still, in between the cracks of kiss assery and shallow celebrity premiered a new trailer for Super 8, and it looks freakin’ AWESOME!

This newest trailer focuses more on the kiddie protagonists of the film, and much like anything J.J. Abrams, it manages to provide some answers right before asking another question that will hurt your brain. Luckily for us, Super 8 will be out in theaters this Friday. Look for Geoff’s interview with one of the kids set to drop this week.

[via MTV]