Trailer: Taken 2


Here is the international trailer for Taken 2: The Sequel. The revenge is set up, Famke Janssen is put in peril, and there is a brief display of mad skills. There is also a phone call of some kind, but the spiel is to the point. Perhaps Neeson’s character was busy and had to go to the store, stop by the post office, and break eight people’s sternums, knees, and collar bones.

Should there be a Taken 3, it needs to be the Death Wish 3 of the series, which is to say f***ing bananas. Xander and Alex suggested it when we shared the first Taken 2 images: the next movie needs to be a “Liam Neeson vs. everyone he’s fought” movie. Have him tackle the Neeson Injustice League, which includes Batman, wolves, Darth Maul, Hitler, Ponyo, the Enclave, Bill the Butcher, ghosts, Steve Martin, Benny from L.A. Law, and Bizarro Ethan Frome.

Hubert Vigilla
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