Trailer: That’s My Boy


You know what’s great? When celebrities let their careers slide gently into the background, enjoying a quiet life after their enormous success. You know who isn’t doing that? Adam Sandler. That bit in Funny People where he parodies his career going down the toilet makes me think that he’s pretty aware of how terrible all of his latest movies are, so maybe he’s just taking everything that’s offered for the paychecks. Kudos to him if that’s the case.

This particular installment in I-Love-Money-Baths features a young boy who knocks up his middle school teacher, and after she goes to jail for her pedophilia, he tries his hand at parenting. Clearly, he fails miserably, and ends up turning into a huge loser while his illegitimate son (Andy Samberg) becomes a great success. When Sandler needs some cash, he tries to reconnect with his son, and they probably bond and grow or something.

The opening gag is pretty good, and this seems like it could be a fun, mindless comedy were it not for Sandler being in it. He’d make an interesting straight man to Samberg, but the ages wouldn’t work at all with that. It’s too bad, really.

[Via Sony]