Trailer: The Avengers


The full length Avengers trailer is here, and by my account it’s underwhelming. While my heart was aflutter during the Captain America after-credits teaser video, this is more like a packaged product of movie stars struggling to find the kind of chemistry that Whedon ensembles usually have no trouble with. There are some snappy lines, but others trying too hard, some eye candy that takes it home to New York, but also some questionable camera angles.

Essentially, the Avengers trailer takes us nowhere. We have no confirmation of Skrulls, no surprise guest stars from the Marvel film catalogue, no emotion, no passion, no indication at all of anything other than explosions on brightly lit sets reminiscent of Transformers.

More and more, the marketing machines that produce blockbuster trailers are little indication of the film’s overall aim, so if you agree with the above paragraphs don’t count the Avengers out just yet. I can’t see Joss Whedon dropping the ball on The Avengers, having written some great Marvel comics in his writing career and taken inspiration from them for his more personal work.

Mark Ruffalo aside, The Avengers remains atop my 2012 anticipation.

[Via Apple]