Trailer: The Big Year


I saw Jack Black briefly while waiting in line for a screening at the LA Film Festival. As soon as he came into sight, the entire crowd started screaming, pushing against the barriers between him and their sweaty, meaty hands, grabbing at the air in hopes that they would come into contact with one of the molecules of carbon dioxide he’d recently exhaled. He gave a quick smile to the crowd, a look of mixed horror and absolute sadness in his eyes. Would today be the day? Would they finally break through his bodyguards and end his miserable, overly-publicized existence? Would he finally be able to find peace?

There was the vague possibility that that look was just the result of having just walked out of Green Lantern, but here it is again: the look of being completely dead inside. Look at his face during that little opener. Steve Martin and Owen Wilson look like they’re just used to bending over and taking it for a paycheck, but Jack Black just looks so empty. I want to send him a puppy or something to show that there’s still warmth in this world, but the trailer had to mention that this is from the same director as Marley & Me so that would just end terribly.

Anyway, this movie looks terrible. Jack Black is a loser and goes on a trip to better himself and hang out with his father, Steve Martin, and they somehow end up competing with Owen Wilson or something. Rashida Jones gives Jack Black a hug at one point so maybe she’s a romantic interest. Then again, she could have just looked into his eyes and seen his broken soul, and the hug is just behind-the-scenes footage that they put in the trailer to give it a bit more emotional depth.

[Collider, via Apple Trailers]