Trailer: The Bling Ring (Teaser)

Trailer: The Bling Ring (Teaser)

This teaser for Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring (otherwise known as Emma Watson plays someone who does attractive stuff for money), is only a minute long but gives a good, dirty look at what the film is going for. Assume a weird mix of vapid characters and analytical depth. The Bling Ring is based on a “crime syndicate” of mostly teenagers who went to the homes of celebrities and robbed them and all the while taunted and celebrated their crime. 

Also, note the awesomeness that is Hollywood’s attractiveness quota. Take a look at the mugshots of the actual group below and tell me any of them look like Emma Watson (although you could argue the hefty Latino is a spitting image of her). Hollywood, you so cray. 

[via Premiere]