Trailer: The Cabin in the Woods


HOLY GOD AM I EXCITED FOR THIS. The Cabin in the Woods has been floating around Hollywood for about two years now, having not found a distributor until recently. I had the pleasure of reading the script when it leaked back in 2009. Not terribly honorable, yes, but I couldn’t resist. It was probably one of the best horror movie scripts I’ve ever read. This trailer fills me with all sorts of delight. The story is simple and familiar; a group of college kids (headlined by a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth) go out to a secluded cabin in the woods for booze and debauchery. Then things start getting really weird really fast.

The trailer spoils the big first-twenty-minutes twist, which I won’t repeat here, but in the script, it’s a truly shocking moment, completely changing the game of the film. If you had forgotten, The Cabin in the Woods is written by Joss Whedon and Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard, directed by Goddard as well. When it releases, finally, on April 13th, you are in for such a great movie, if the script translates as well as I hope it does to the big screen.