Trailer: The Campaign


Although this is the third trailer from The Campaign that reuses some of the same footage, there’s a lot more gold when it’s allowed to be it’s rated “R” self. The main draw of this clip is that it extends the raunchy family table conversations that were only hinted at in the two previous trailers. 

Because of Talladega Nights, I enjoy when Will Ferrell is allowed to play a Southern stereotype. Since his new character is a bit less of a caricature, the kids’ lines, and Ferrell’s reaction to them, seem a lot more realistic than random lines like “I’m going to come at you like a spider monkey!” that just took me out of the moment. I’m a lot more excited for The Campaign now than I was before since it seems the really funny stuff will come through smaller exchanges rather than “wacky Will Ferrell shenanigans”. The Campaign releases August 10th.