Trailer: The Counselor

The Counsellor | Official Teaser Trailer HD | 2013

Holy intensity, Cormac McCarthy and Ridley Scott. The first trailer for The Counselor has landed and it is damn full of stylish power. Who knew Scott could be this slick after the bombast of his last few films. It’s a far cry from Prometheus, that’s for sure. I guess having the first screenplay ever written by one of the world’s greatest living writers kind of makes you up your game. 

To tell the truth I was worried about the film before seeing the trailer, but now I’m not really sure why. The cast is stellar (bedecked in crazy haircuts) and although we don’t get to see much plot we do get to know that sh*t is going to go down. In case you weren’t aware, that story that isn’t explained in the trailer is that of a lawyer who slips into the drug trade only to find himself in trouble. Bit of a cliche until you remember the McCarthy wrote the screenplay so it’s more about the characters than the plot anyway. 

Matthew Razak
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