Trailer: The Dance Of Reality (La Danza de la Realidad)

La Danza de la Realidad (The Dance of Reality) - Trailer - Alejandro Jodorowsky

It was only two years ago that Alejandro Jodorowksy turned to crowfunding to complete The Dance of Reality (La Danza de la Realidad), his first movie in more than 20 years. Here is the first trailer for the film, which screened at Cannes and received positive reviews from The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw, Scott Foundras at Variety, and Drive director Nicolas Refn, one of many who joined in on the nearly 10-minute standing ovation following the film’s premiere.

The Dance of Reality is Jodorowsky’s surreal take on his childhood in Chile, based on his own book of the same name. It looks like classic Jodorowsky with shades of everything from El Topo to The Holy Mountain to Santa Sangre, and those little touches of Fellini and Buñuel that have always been present in his work. As Bradshw suggests in his review, this might be Jodorowsky’s swan song since he’s now 84 years old; one last bit of psychomagic that allows him to make peace before he passes away. Jodorowsky is one of my favorite filmmakers, and I cannot wait to finally see this movie.

No word yet on US distribution, but it should happen since Jodorowsky is one of the fathers of the midnight movie. In related news, the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune also played at Cannes, which chronicles the director’s failed attempt to make a film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune back in the 1980s.

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