Trailer: The Dark Knight Returns- Part Two


When I first heard that Frank Miller’s masterpiece The Dark Knight Returns was getting adapted the stuff in this trailer is what I was really looking forward to.  When the elderly Judge Dreddified Batman (as in, he’s the law for realsies) fights a Superman who’s embodying the American Way like he’s supposed to, it’s one of the best sequences I’ve ever read. It also looks like Part Two is going to straight adapt the story (which is a good idea) instead of the crazy things I’ve heard for Part One

I still have’t seen Part One because I’m waiting to watch both films together, so someone needs to tell me what they thought of the first part. Was it a successful adaptation? Did the art eventually make sense even if it was missing Miller’s grit? Did it need to be two parts? 

Still, can’t wait for Superman to get punched in his bulky faaaaaace. 

[via MTV]