Trailer: The Dictator


In The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest venture, he plays a presumably Middle-Eastern dictator who comes to America for the first time – Arabic gibberish and jokes ensue. Apparently the other half of the movie will be about a Middle-Eastern sheep-herder, also played by Cohen, who also comes to America for the first time but for some reason this trailer doesn’t even hint at that storyline.

I’m pretty underwhelmed at this trailer as a whole. Granted, I’m not a huge Borat or Bruno fan, but it just seems like this new character is such a thinly-veiled play on Muammar Gaddafi, and that premise could potentially be very relevant, poignant, and funny … but so far this movie seems to be more concerned with making jabs at the Kardashians.

[Via IndieWire]