Trailer: The Divide


Based on this trailer I’m not sure I’m ready to sit through the entire running time of The Divide, especially if that quote is true about it never letting up. This movie looks crazy intense and epically dark and coming from director Xavier Gen that makes some sense.

It’s an indy movie so it’s already been making the festival circuits and buzz has only been so-so, but there’s a dirge of quality apocolypse films out these days. The best ones (be they zombie, nuclear or disease) always focus on people and their actions instead of big ideas and that’s exactly what The Divide looks like it’s doing. Toss in a bit of horror and I’m definitely still intrigued by the film.

Regular theater goers will have to wait until January 13, 2012 to see the film in theaters, and even then it’ll be a limited release.

Matthew Razak
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