Trailer: The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate


While watching the trailer to The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, all I could think is that director Tsui Hark (Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain, Peking Opera Blues) has again made something that’s Tsui Hark-y. There’s the kind of delirious imagination and hyperactivity that appeals to my inner 10 year old. Throw in Jet Li (who previously worked with Hark on the Once Upon a Time in China series) and you have a movie I’m pretty much guaranteed to see.

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is a remake of Dragon Gate Inn (1966) and New Dragon Gate Inn (1992), the latter of which an uncredited Hark helped direct. This new take on the story garnered several award nominations, including Best Film and Best Director, at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Asian Film Awards. According to some estimates, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate has grossed more than $85 million overseas since its release in China in December 2011.

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate gets a limited engagement at IMAX theaters on August 31st. On the Hark front, I’m still waiting for news on a Seven Swords or Detective Dee sequel.

[Via First Showing]

Hubert Vigilla
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