Trailer: The Girl


The Girl (which unfortunately shares a name with an upcoming Hitchcock film on HBO) stars Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch) as she loses her child to Social Services. To earn some extra money she becomes a Coyote, someone who is willing to transport Mexican immigrants illegally across the border to the United States, and ends up taking care of a young Mexican girl. 

I know the “mysterious child and caretaker” motif has been done to death, but damn it all I’m interested. That little girl is so damn cute, and doesn’t look annoying in the slightest. I’m also a huge sucker for “border” films which deal with Mexican immigration because of my own heritage and home. It’s getting a limited release (after an okay performance at Tribeca, which Hubert, Alec, and Dre covered awesomely) next week (the 14th) but it’ll probably get lost in all of that other stuff. Shame. I’ll probably catch this on DVD then. 

[via Yahoo]