Trailer: The Great Gatsby


Let me get this out of the way: there’s an absolutely horrible cover of The Turtles’s “Happy Together” in this new trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Christ, I am still recovering from how wretched it is. But that said, even with the bad music, this is superior to the first trailer for The Great Gatsby from earlier in the year. It’s still pretty bad, though, old sport.

I have major qualms about Luhrmann’s direction given the source material. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing had a meditative and melancholy touch that defined the book’s tone. It’s that ruminative voice that led to a deep exploration of the two great American pursuits: dreams and bulls**t. This trailer is all Luhrmann excess, all the time. I’ll have to see the actual movie, but this doesn’t look like a film that can end with a lament about big dreams receding into night.

In the gallery are character posters of Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan), and Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire). The Great Gatsby opens on May 15th.

[Via The Playlist, Collider]

Hubert Vigilla
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