Trailer: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - HD Trailer 3 90" cut - Official Warner Bros. UK

This fancy-schmanzy Baz-tastic Gatsby (May 10) trailer for us Britlanders has released alongside some new fangled posters. The trailer is practically identical to the one released recently aside from some minor snippets of new footage. The new posters also show off Carey Mulligan’s back, Tobey Maguire’s death stare and broody Joel Edgerton looking, well, broody. 

I’ve never been a real heavy fan of Baz’s work. His tendency to over-stylize just gets in the way of everything when it comes to the likes of Moulin Rouge and the heavily bloated Australia. It’s a shame because The Great Gatsby is one of the great American novels about the fallacies behind superficiality and for it to be adapted by Baz, a highly superficial obsessed director, is pretty ironic. I admire the bold decision to get Jay-Z and some hot talents on board to master the picture’s score, but the whole aesthetic (with the new posters and footage) just seems too drenched and busy for my tastes. 

[Via Indiewire]