Trailer: The Grey


Get ready to get all Twittered in your face because this trailer is all about tweets from critics who have seen The Greyand though it was awesome. Then there’s a bunch of hashtag stuff as well. Twitters the cool way to spread the word about smaller movies like this and they’re clearly hoping for some grassroots love to get the movie into the public’s conscious.

I don’t know why you need grassroots when you’ve got Liam “Biggest baddest mo-fo ever” Neeson going one-on-one with a wolf. I mean that kind of thing pretty much sells itself, doesn’t it? And did we really need a tweet from a critic to tell us that Neeson is a badass? No, no we did not. We’re just going to get even more confirmation of that fact when The Grey releases on Jan. 27.

Matthew Razak
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