Trailer: The Hangover Part III


The Helms-Galifianakis-Cooperthon trilogy comes to a closure with The Hangover Part III (May 24). The new trailer shows off more of an action movie vibe with various characters, such as the villainous (played by John Goodman), and a few other Hangover stars coming back for one last run. The plot revolves around Chang stealing over $21 million from Goodman’s character with the Wolf Pack being caught in the thick of it.

I’m going to be honest, The Hangover Part II is not that bad of a ‘film’. There is some disgusting transphobia and disgusting racism, but underneath all of the social revulsion there’s just a formulaic comedy film. It’s odd to see, in the last few years, the original Hangover movie become the template for modern comedy. It’ll be interesting to see if the finale proves worthwhile and, from the trailer, it seems that the crew have upped their game.

[Via Collider]