Trailer: The High Cost of Living


Look, I’m not the biggest Zach Braff fan out there. Sure, I love Scrubs, and his appearance on Arrested Development was brilliant, but looking at the guy’s film work, I’m not too impressed. Garden State was the “cool” movie to be in to when I was in high school, and I never understood it. I was too busy watching better movies like Brick, and Robocop. But I digress.

The High Cost of Living is the first feature from writer/director Deborah Chow, and has Zach Braff running over a pregnant lady. I’m not even kidding. From there, Nathalie (the preggers), feels protected around Henry (Zach Braff), who is described as a “down and out guardian angel”. Nathalie comes to terms with the fact that Henry ran her down, and eventually falls in love with him. It seems like the typical indie film about love and coming to terms with your own horribleness, but I could be wrong. High Cost of Living will be screening at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, so I’ll try and catch a screening of it sometime.

[via TribecaFilm]