Trailer: The Hole


It’s been way too long of a wait to see what the genius Joe Dante, director of Gremlins and Small Soldiers (two of wackiest, yet creepiest films I’ve ever seen), would cook up next. I’m a huge fan of his odd mix of humor and frightening imagery. Small Soldiers is one of those films that should be respected more, and Gremlins has one of the few movie monster types that could never feasibly be defeated. 

Apparently The Hole, a film about a bottomless pit under some kid’s house that brings your worse fears to life, has been leaked online since 2010 (because it’s been in release limbo) but the theatrical release isn’t until September 28th. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t know about this film until just now, but I’m okay with it since I didn’t end up spoiling it for myself through some shoddy looking bootleg.

You hear that kids? Shoddy bootlegs aren’t cool.