Trailer: The Iceman


While I’m not the hugest fan of Ray Liotta or that one Nazi guy from Let’s Go to Prison (Michael Shannon), the trailer for The Iceman (releasing sometime this year) has me interested in them now. The Iceman is “based on the true story” on Richard Kuklinski, a guy who supposedly killed 100 people within the span of 22 years. 

The only thing I’m not so sure about is Shannon’s voice. He still kind of has the mush mouth/muttering voice he has for all of his characters, but he does look pretty menacing. Of course that would mean he would be fine if he never spoke, but I don’t exactly see that happening. More importantly though, David Schwimmer is in this and he’s probably going to be murdered. That’s right, Ross from Friends might die in this. 

If that’s not an excuse to see this day one, I don’t know what is.