Trailer: The Immigrant


The Immigrant tells the story of Ewa Cybulski, played by Marion Cotillard, a Polish immigrant to America in the 1920s and her struggle to try and forge a life after her sister is refused entry at Ellis Island. Cybulski is lured into a life of prostitution by the fiendish Bruno, Joaquin Phoenix, and her only chance of escape is Bruno’s debonair magician cousin; Orlando, played by Jeremy Renner. Yeah, I’m not making any of this up.

The Immigrant looks like one of those movies that has a wonderful cast with lots of potential but a lackluster script that will ultimately be okay at best. Also below we have The Immigrant‘s poster — can anyone tell my why they photoshopped Cotillard’s normally gorgeous face so strangely? In that poster they made her look like the creepy wax doll version of herself. Ugh. Regardless, The Immigrant opens in limited US theaters May 16th, 2014.

[via Collider]