Trailer: The Inkeepers


I reviewed The Inkeepers earlier this year, and I found it to be a solid movie, if imperfect. I had really wanted to watch it again this Halloween, but it is still unavailable. Looks like you’ll be able to see it on iTunes starting December 30th and in theaters February 3rd. Here’s a word of advice. I’m not usually one to say, “RARGH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SEE A MOVIE IN THEATERS HOW DARE YOU WATCH ONE ON COMPUTER” because I’m not eighty. However, in the case of The Inkeepers, the true brilliance of the film is in the sound design and the music, and I fear that a smaller-scale release won’t do it the right justice.

Anyway, this trailer gives a glimpse at some of the amazing EVP-recording sequences in the film, the crown jewels of the aforementioned sound design brilliance, but doesn’t show any of the humor. It’s less of a straight horror movie than the trailer lets on, but it’s still a solid picture. Check it out, in whatever format you wish, on either December 30th or February 3rd. We also have a new poster for the film. Not quite as cool as the original illustrated poster, but still awesome.

[Via /Film, poster via EW]