Trailer: The Last Days


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It sure feels like I’ve been posting a lot foreign language trailers lately. Here we have The Last Days, a film by brothers Alex and David Pastor, and boy does it seem like a neat concept. Here’s the synoposis:

2013. A mysterious form of agoraphobia spreads across the planet, leaving the entire popular trapped inside of buildings. In an apocalyptic Barcelona, Marc will go on a dangerous journey to find his girlfriend Julia.

Visually it reminds me of 28 Days Later with a little bit of I Am Legend thrown in for good measure. The difference is, from what I can tell at least, that there aren’t any supernatural antagonists. We just have some classic human on human conflict while everyone keeps themselves cooped up inside of shopping malls and whatnot.

 I haven’t seen a good apocalyptic film in a little while, and this is certainly a new spin on the concept. It’s hard to say when we’ll see this come stateside, but considering how promising it looks, hopefully sooner rather than later.

[via Twitch Film]