Trailer: The Last Godfather


Time was a well respected actor could make a crappy international movie for money and no one in the U.S. would even hear about that. But then the dang internet came along and the world got all interconnected and updated and suddenly taking that role simply for the paycheck is a bit more embarrassing as Harvey Keitel is about to find out. That’s him up there in The Last Godfather, a comedic film about a don who is handing the reigns of “the family” over to his clumsy son… who also is randomly Korean.

That Korean is Hyung-rae Shim, who directs the film and also is evidently the worst comic mugger ever. Seriously, it’s like he learned his comic pratfalls from silent film where everything had to be insanely exaggerated because there wasn’t sound. Now, I’m all for physical comedy and pratfalls, but this just looks too ridiculous to bear. He can’t even drop a sniper rifle convincingly.

In short, I can’t wait to see this movie because it’s going to be the funniest thing ever for all the wrong reasons.

[via Movieline]

Matthew Razak
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