Trailer: The Ledge


Are you into films with overtly Christian tones? Or maybe you’re somebody that’s a supporter of extra-marital affairs? Perhaps you’re a fan of Terrence Howard and you’re just peeved that Terrence Howard was dropped from the Iron Man sequel? Or, you can just drop the crap and admit you’ve been in love with Liv Tyler since Armageddon.

The Ledge stars Liv Tyler (The Incredible Hulk), Terrence Howard (Iron Man), Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) and Chris Hunnam (Children of Men). The story follows the affair of two characters, Gavin (Hunnam) and Shana (Tyler), behind the back of Shana’s husband, Joe (Wilson). Driven by revenge and a strong belief in Christian redemption, Joe threatens to kill them. Howard plays a cop who must convince Gavin not to jump off of a ledge (oh hey!).

The official synopsis reads as follows, “Gavin, a young college professor, has stepped out onto the ledge of a high-rise building, determined to jump. However, a detective, who has recently suffered his own tragedy, is sent to talk Gavin down. And as the detective and the professor discuss the circumstances that have brought them to the brink of suicide, they’ll need to convince each other that life is worth living.”