Trailer: The Master


Here it is, the final trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. It’s short, it’s strange, it’s percussive, and it’s as foreboding as a mofo. “Mofo,” of course, is an abbreviated combination of the words “motherf***ing,” “foreboding,” and “person.” (The “p” is silent and invisible.)

As with the previous trailers for The Master and the various promo videos, it makes me wonder what the shape of the movie will be. I don’t anticipate a rigid structure broken into traditional acts, and I’m hoping for something that’s more unique and amoeba-like. There’s a morbid streak in me that also wants to see the inevitable Scientology kerfuffle over the film once it’s released.

The Master hits theaters like a mofo on September 14th.

[The Film Stage via Collider]

Hubert Vigilla
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