Trailer: The Myth of the American Sleepover


I’m not sure when it happened, but somehow in my mid-20’s I’ve grown this abnormal hatred for teenagers. I hate their hormone infested idiocy, their youthful aspirations, their dumb faces, and most importantly, I hate that they remind me of my own mortality. So as a rule of thumb, I avoid most any medium involving high school that isn’t a John Hughes film.

It looks like I might have to change that soon, what with the release of The Myth of the American Sleepover. Though it follows that whole “this is the best time of our lives” formula and plays on the nostalgia of your own memories of high school, somehow this trailer maintains a level of sincerity that doesn’t feel exploitative like a Larry Clarke film or MTV’s Skins (thank god that rubbish was cancelled). Directed by newcomer David Robert Mitchell and featuring a cast of young no names, the film has already received a number of glowing accolades from the festival circuit and is already being toted as the next great “coming of age” film.

If you’re anything like me and are hesitant to anything involving teenagers, I implore you to check out the HD trailer on Apple. It a beautiful trailer and it seems more than your typical vapid teen drama. I guess we’ll find out if there’s any substance when it comes out in select theaters on July 22nd.

[Via Apple]