Trailer: The Oranges


Truth be told, I thought the trailer for The Oranges was going to focus on a family of Mexican orange farmers as they adjust to the harsh realities of living illegally in the United States. Instead, I got a “quirky” family comedy starring Hugh Laurie, Leighton Meester (otherwise known as that one girl from Gossip Girl) and Alia “Maeby” Shawkat. 

Actually after watching the trailer, the plot doesn’t sound half bad. An older gentlemen (Dr. House) dates the daughter of his best friend and shenanigans ensue. The family is also filled with an ensemble of capable actors and actresses given the right material. While The Oranges may not seem like a film that I would go out and see day one, like my Mexican family equivocación, I would most likely sit on the couch and soak it in on a rainy day. Those films always turn out the best anyway. The Oranges will release sometime in Fall 2012.